Group Workshop

Group workshops can be a lot of fun and a fast way to improve your skills. Art being the solitary process that it usually is, often cuts us off from the questions and experience of others folks that are trying to learn too. Often one student's question will be of interest to the whole group and will lead naturally into a mini lesson for everyone.

I love to teach and I'm good at it! I figure if you're willing to give me your valuable time and money, then I'm going to make sure you actually learn something valuable too. I know with many art classes the teacher will give you some instruction, then you're basically on your own much of the time. You can get those kind of social paint-in courses anywhere and they're great for folks who want that.

My courses are for artists who really want to grow. I teach a lot. You'll be working with your paints and brushes for sure but don't expect to have a painting or two finished at the day. Instead you will be filled with new insights and a solid understanding of what you need to know.

My workshops are usually 2 full days and I am happy to travel to your city if that works best.

painting workshop and demonstration by Barry Tate

Color Workshop

Why a workshop on color?

Many artists choose their pallet colors on hue alone (apparent color). A lack of knowledge and use of the numerous other important properties of paint often results in a host of disappointments- mud, inconsistent work and unconvincing rendering. Have you ever seen someone's work where the water or sky seems more solid than the transparent looking rocks in the foreground?

Outline: This course is designed for the artist who wants to elevate their work- FAST! This is a thorough and information packed course covering all of the most crucial topics. At the end of the day, each student will be able to

    * determine which of their pigments are truly transparent, opaque, staining or removable
    * arrange the 3 basic triads for successful rendering determine color purity and characteristics of their own pigments
    * create an ACCURATE color wheel
    * effectively match pigment types to subjects
    * mix secondary and semi-neutrals easily, including subtle grays
    * mix dramatic, clear darks that electrify and are NOT muddy
    * use advanced color combinations that work- EVERY TIME!

Time and Location: To be announced
Costs: $--- . Includes coffee, tea, muffins (bring a lunch)

Supplies: A material list for watercolorists or acrylic artists will be supplied or can be downloaded from my web site here.
Watercolor Materials List
Acrylic Materials List

Success Workshop!

What's a success workshop?

Does this sound familiar? You get really excited about a new painting and away you go!!! But, when it's over... well... maybe it just doesn't measure up to you original enthusiasm. It's not so bad that you throw it out and yet it's maybe not quite worthy of investing in a $120 frame. So, it sits in a growing pile in some closet or under someone's bed. These paintings are not good nor bad. They're just not finished yet.

Outline: Bring as many of these "not-quite-right paintings to the class and in a instructional environment, we will see how to turn them into valuable art. Then, fix them in under 30 minutes! In my experience, most students consistantly make only 1 or 2 small mistakes over and over. Find and fix that, and suddenly all the paintings under the bed can be revitalized! The success workshop invariably amounts to a full blown art course in 2 days and will take your art to the next level.

Time & Location: To be announced
Costs: $--- . Includes coffee, tea, muffins (bring a lunch)

Supplies: Nothing! Just bring you old discards, your normal painting supplies and a lunch.