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Watercolor Material List

The first 11 paints are the most important to have and are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! The reason for each particular color will become apparent during the course. It is NOT necessary to buy all 11 colors if it represents a significant financial burden as I bring a few extra pallets to class and I encourage students to share paint if necessary.

Paints are listed by their relative importance or usefulness. Artist grade paint is recommended- (no hues). Except for Holbien's "Viridian Green", I mostly use Winsor & Newton paint although most colors made by Da'Vinci and Grumbacher are close in performance. The remaining optional colors are what I personally use on my own pallet

Most important hues (with comments)
Aureolin- (cobalt yellow, Da'Vinci excellent brand too)
Rose Madder Genuine, (NOT rose madder hue)
Rose DoreCobalt Blue (no substitute, NOT hue or deep tint)
Cadmium Yellow (pale)
Cadmium Red (medium)
French Ultramarine blue
Winsor Red
Winsor Blue- (red shade), same as Thalo Blue (red shade)
Alizarin Crimson (permanent)
Winsor Yellow

Very good but optional colors:
Viridian Green- (or Holbien brand, NOT veridian hue
Yellow Ochre
Indian Red
Red Oxide
Cerulean Blue
Winsor Green (blue shade)- same as Thalo Green (blue shade)
Burnt Sienna- (Holbien or W&N brand)
Burnt Umber- (Holbien or W&N)
Cadmium Scarlet
Winsor Violet or Mauve

Other Materials:
3 sheets of 30x22 mid grade watercolor paper cut into 1/4
OR a watercolor "block" of paper
paint brushes
water container etc. (your choice)
ordinary black pencil crayon (not charcoal stick or graphite drawing pencil)

Helpful Hint: You will save valuable time if you set up your pallet colors before the first class. Mixing will be more intuitive and easier if you arrange them in their proper color wheel position, leaving spaces for the paints you plan to acquire in the future. The Quiller "Color Wheel" pallet is ideal (see diagram).

Quiller Color Wheel pallet
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