Photo- To- Giclée printing service

Photographs, especially old one’s of family and friends can be priceless. But do you realize that every day, little by little they gradually disappear. No one notices the small changes until it’s too late. Then the image is gone forever. Yes even when the photo is hidden inside an album chemical processes continue to work against it. The light sensitive emulsion used to print the image in the first place is never completely neutralized and can even become brittle and crack with time.

Enter giclées. This is a relatively new printing technology that doesn’t use a light sensitive emulsion. Instead, prints are made from real pigments. This is similar in many respects to the paints and pigments used in the paintings of the great masters.

I can scan your old photographs and print them as archival quality giclées, locking down their color and preserving them for 150 years or more.

What you need to know about printing!

Alas the adage “You get what you pay for” is once again true! Not all inks and papers are created equal. Low priced copies from large box stores and such are not always your best bet when the goal is to preserve your treasures. Offshore inks and wood based paper are NOT archival! Acid free cotton based papers and genuine light fast pigments are more expensive to make so naturally cost more. No magic there.

Fortunately my USA made inks and papers are top of the line. And because I buy in large quantities, my true giclée reproductions are only a little bit more than the big guys. I would be happy to review your plans and give you a quote for printing.