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Commissioning Artwork

Are you frustrated trying to find "the perfect painting" for your space? Forget it. You’ll either never find it or you'll give up and compromise on something not quite right.
I can create custom and odd shaped artworks in any size, color or theme you need to make your decor perfect!  We'll create it together. I'll do the actual painting and you participate in its design. You will save your valuable time, get exactly what you want and have the satisfaction of being the co-creators!  
Custom paintings are fun. For the artist it stretches the boundaries of experience and for the client it offers a unique opportunity to participate in the exact painting you want. The size, color subject and style can all be determined before the painting is made.

How do art commissions work?

Most people have never commissioned a painting before but it's easy! And, it doesn't have to be expensive.
Step 1.   Determine the location. If it was perfect, where would it be? Don't limit your wish list because you think hanging it on the ceiling or 20' high in a large split level entrance would be too difficult. I'll handle that end.
Step 2.   Determine the image and color scheme. If it was perfect, what would it be? Maybe you like a few of my paintings and want something similar or you have an old photo or magazine clipping you like. Fortunately I paint in a diverse range of styles as you've probably noticed. Selecting your favorites from the list can help your decision. Some folks keep paint and fabric color swatches which can be incorporated.
Step 3.   Determine the size, shape and other needs for your perfect painting. I like to help at this stage. I can visit with you in your home, take some digital photos and make recommendations. This is especially nice if you live in Hawaii, Spain or other exotic setting and choose to fund my trip!!! Unfortunately I can also work with images emailed to me! Thanks to the wonder of modern science, I can show you a simulated painting hanging on your wall before I paint it. This is great if you have trouble visualizing such things.
Step 4.   Go ahead. When we've agreed on the proposed artwork and price, I require a deposit of 50% to begin and the balance when finished. That's it! A few weeks later you'll have the perfect painting which fits like a glove. And you'll have the great satisfaction that you helped create it.

A few of my commissioned paintings can be seen on my web site in the Commissions Gallery section.