Chloe- British bulldog commission

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Chloe The Grandpuppy, finished bulldog commission

Chloe is a classic british bulldog- a face full of wrinkles, protruding teeth, saggy jowls and real attitude!  Enough looks to make even the toughest  burglar think twice! Beneath the intimidating facade, is a cute happy-go-lucky puppy who is friendly, alert and bubbly. We took many photos of her trying to catch this bright side (a few shown above). However her disdain for being restrained for the camera invariably resulted in a Churchillian scowl lacking only a stubby cigar! None of the resulting 20 or more photos were "perfect" but that's where the art comes in. I perked up the ears and opened up her right eye (left in image) to put Chloe in one of her better moods.