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Variety is important. If I were to paint the same kind of painting over and over again just because it was successful, I'd begin to feel like I was manufacturing art, not creating it. Even with the wide variety of work I typically do, getting outside the box is necessary to keep the creative juices flowing! (One of the main reasons I enjoy commission pieces for clients.)

Some of the images below may seem conventional on the surface but typically have a unique element to them-  sand and acrylic mediums, curvey linear stretched canvas, watercolors that do not require glass for example.

Description & Pricing

Original artworks $ as marked




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The Mural Mosaic Project
for 2010 Olympics
(original working panel)

This was a very interesting concept where a number of professional artists participate in one large mosaic painting. Each artist received a 12" square panel that has been pre-painted in a general hue. An arrow on the back said this way up! Good or bad, each artist then had to create a painting that blended with the original hues. At this point, none of the artists even knew what the finished piece might look like! When all of the panels were returned to the good folks at mural it was reassembled and an amazing mosaic emerged!


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The Gardian
(my finished panel)
12" x 12" acrylic on panel

The panel was fun to do. Each mosaic has a theme and each of the panels echoes the theme as well.  This theme was west coast or sea life. I found myself staring at the panel on and off for a few hours, visualizing many different "finished" paintings overlapping the panel. There was a long haired Indian princess viewed from beyond a darkened beam of a long house, a forest fire and charred totem... Finally I settled on an ancient totem overlooking one of our famous west coast sunrises.


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Kunamokst Mural Mosaic
size: huge!

The finished mosaic was unveiled at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. It's permanent home is at Galiano Oceanfront Inn 134 Madrona Drive Galiano Island, BC

See the whole image and videos at the Mural Mosaic website:

or my personal panel:



Buddah At Holyhock
30" x 40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(prints available)

Hollyhock is a wonderful retreat centre on the pituresque coast of Cortes Island, BC (near Campbell River). It hosts a number of personal development workshops throughout the year although many folks come just to enjoy the peace and tranquility.

An ancient Chinese gong anounces meal times where the patrions are treated to some of the best vegeterian quisine in the world. I liked this Buddah figure quietly resting near the entrance to the kitchen and decided to capture it's spirit in a painting.



Dream Weaver
20" x 30" watercolor and pencil, $ 1395
(16x20 prints available)

A simple elegant pose, clean lines and subtle scheme makes this piece quietly classy. Her long auburn red hair has been shaped to fall and mirror the graceful oval shape of her arms and fingers.
This watercolor painting has a special acrylic finish which means it does not need to be covered with glass.It is fully mounted in a 2" wide gray/ blue marble



Nude And Sand
15" x 22" acrylic & sand on board, $ 1195
(prints not available)


Pacific Autumn
30" x 42" acrylic on curved canvas, $ sold
(prints not available)

This is an extremely unique canvas of my own invention. I wanted to create a frame that went with or complemented the smooth curvy-linear lines of my art. This piece is not on solid board, it is a fully mounted canvas in a solid medite curved frame! Very cool.


Curved Painting 2
22" x 38" acrylic on board, $ sold
(prints not available)

22 x 38"" acrylic on medite. A unique method of  creating a free form painting which I have not seen used anywhere.

When working with the smooth curvy-linear design of this piece, I wanted the frame to "move" with the design and not be restricted with conventional edges.


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