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I live on a small gulf island on the Pacific west coast of Canada just north of Sidney BC. There is always something interesting with my view and after 20 plus years I've never seen the water or sky look the same twice! Richly colored sunrises and sunsets, tremendous winter storms, calm lake-like waters, passing boats or pods of orca whales.

Naturally I like to show this wonderful place to the world with my paintings and sometimes it's just best said using a realistic style of painting.

Description & Pricing

Original acrylic paintings on gallery wrapped canvas $ as marked

giclee on 28x38 gallery wrapped canvas $439 (enhanced with acrylic)
giclee on 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas $195 (enhanced with acrylic)
limited edition giclee on paper, 16x20 double acid-free mat $99


Original acrylic on canvas paintings are made with the best artist grade, light fast pigments available and can be hung in brightly lit areas. The painting extends over to finish the edges so framing is optional. My 30 x 40" originals weigh a mere 2 1/2lb (less than a cup of coffee) so hanging is simple and easy using conventional picture hooks.

Please note that as some of the image is on the edge, the face dimensions are reduced accordingly. 30x40” = 28x38” and 18x22” = 16x20”

Original paintings always look more impressive in real life than on the internet. Your satisfaction is important to me. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, I will naturally refund 100% of your sale.

Acrylic giclée prints on canvas look very similar to original paintings and are the best type of reproductions available today. They have a waterproof acrylic finish and a special mirrored edge treatment that simulates the painted edge of the original works so are ready to hang as is.

Giclees on paper are supplied with a double acid free mat and foam backing board. All you need is a common 16x20" frame.

Mat options are:

silver gray with dark blue inner mat - nice traditional look.  A mid to dark colored frame looks best

dark blue on dark blue -  dramatic and bold look, very powerful. Best with a light colored metal or wood frame.

white on white - traditional gallery choice, classy and elegant.  Goes with all decors. Best with a mid to medium dark frame.

Forest Mist west coast image near Long Beach and Ucluelet

Forest Mist
30" x 40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(prints available)

Long Beach on Vancouver Island is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. This forest located between Ucluelet and Tofino is a typical example of the rain forests in this region. Early morning fog often begins the day along this part of the coast then quickly "burns off" before the morning ends. It is a quiet and spiritual time of the day.

Streaks of sunlight filtering through the branches invite the viewer to follow along this pathway and to the beach a short distance away.

No Cell Phones is a painting of an Arbutus (or Madrona) tree done from the beach at Holyhock on Cortez Island.

No Cell Phones
30" x 40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(prints available)

Hollyhock is a wonderful retreat centre on the picturesque coast of Cortes Island, BC (near Campbell River). It hosts a number of personal development workshops throughout the year although many folks come just to enjoy the peace and tranquility.

There are many places on this large acreage to rest or just find some precious quiet time for yourself. This chair and arbutus tree is on the beach which has a view of the Coastal Mountain range in the background. After studying the finished painting for a long time, I decided to call it "No Cell Phones". Aaaaah, wouldn't that be nice if only for a weekend!

Upper Harbour Victoria BC Canada near Johnston Street bridge

Upper Harbour
30" x 40" acrylic on canvas, $2400
(prints available)

I've always lived near the ocean in the Victoria area and have a never ending appreciation for the way of life here. Vessels like the Melville, Santa Rita and the Sea Span Rocket are great examples of real working boats. Their designs and on board equipment reflect a no-nonsense approach to their business,  earned from many years of experience.

Nearly everyone visiting Victoria BC discovers the "Inner Harbour" because it frames the famous tourists destinations of the Empress Hotel and the Parliament buildings. This waterway becomes the "Upper Harbour" when it crosses under the Johnston Street  bridge. The viewpoint is from the Canoe Club looking towards Vic West. In the distant far left is the Songees condo development.

Mystic Beach between Sooke and Port Renfew BC on Vancouver Island

Mystic Beach
30" x 40" acrylic on canvas, sold
(prints available)

There are many wonderful scenic trails along the rugged coast of Vancouver Island. Mystic Beach located off the road between Jordan River and Port Renfew on the south coast is one of the best. A beautiful quiet and easy walk along a wide soft and leafy path makes one quickly forget about the rat race.

Stairway To Sunlight painting of a mexican home

Stairway To Sunlight
18" x 22" acrylic on canvas, $ 525
(16x20 prints available)

Casa Maguey know locally as Helga's House, is a wonderful place in LaManzanilla Mexico. Full of tropical flowers and colorful architecture, it is an inspiring place to visit. Painting subjects are everywhere!

Moresby  Shadows, Moresby Island near Sidney BC

Moresby Shadows
18" x 22" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(16x20 prints available)

A short boat ride from our home is Moresby Island. It is a near pristine piece of paradise and a favorite place for Patti and I to picnic. One special element of this location is the shore is only about 100' of this skinny mound looking east or west!

The area has many trails, most leading to or along the waters edge which are mostly used by the resident sheep.


Palapa Joes, Lounge Lizards
16" x 20" acrylic on canvas, $ 495
(16x20 prints available)

One of the "most fun" restaurants in LaManzanilla Mexico, Palapa Joe's is well known for it's music. The Lounge Lizards in the painting- (Dan on the harmonica and Willy on bass guitar- who is also the proprietor) can be enjoyed jamming together several times per week. Every two weeks they have Open Mike where amateur and professional musicians on their vacation can join them for some impromptu fun. Old rock, to jazz, to country, Celtic and folk. Anything goes!

Before I start a new painting I always first ask myself- "why am I wanting to paint this?" That frees me up to choose an appropriate style. The loose informal attitude of the Lounge Lizards jamming inspired me to create this piece in a visual style that mirrors that feeling.



Mystic Beach Trail
30" x 40" acrylic on canvas, sold
(prints available)

This is my second painting of the trail to Mystic Beach. One just wasn't enough, it is too beautiful! It is located off the road between Jordan River and Port Renfew on the south coast of Vancouver Island and is one of the best walking trails around. A beautiful quiet and easy walk along a wide soft and leafy path makes one quickly forget about jobs. I particularly liked the inviting sunlit area in the distance set against the dark and noble old growth forest. A not too inviting winter storm smashed down dozens of giant Fir and Hemlock trees recently, paving the way for new growth of light-loving fauna.

The day I took the original photos, a young couple were having a formal wedding on the beach. We actually followed the white clothed bride-to-be and her formally dressed father along the path for a while. A poetic charming mixture that echoed the forest trail itself.

Eagles at Dusk near Knapp Island and Piers Island, Sidney BC

Eagles At Dusk
30" x 40"" acrylic on canvas $ sold
(16x20 prints available)

This is a painting of two bald eagles coming home to roost on Knapp Island near Swartz Bay BC. Given the fact that Eagles At Dusk is perhaps my most popular images of all time, it truly makes for a great gift choice. It is especially popular in the 16x20 paper with mat version.

Old Friends is an image of 2 old fish boats on the shore near Sidney BC

Old Friends
30" x 40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(prints available)

This image of two old fishing boats on the shore near Sidney BC has a wonderful peaceful feeling. The boats almost seem to be snuggling and sharing great memories of a long friendship together.

This giclee print makes the perfect gift for an old friend or to celebrate an anniversary.


30" x 40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(prints not available)

This is a hidden gem of a park-like setting in Sidney BC. I fell in love with this place as soon as I saw it and I think Rembrandt would have loved it too for all the wonderful golden light.
The area is actually called Resthaven and I knew immediately that would have to be the paintings name.


River Gold
30" x 40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(16x20 prints available)

BC is filled with numerous streams and rivers which are forever changing. Fall can be particularly nice as the various deciduous trees speckle the landscape and waterways with gold and red. They tend to pile up along the river edges and banks creating rich outlines of  glorious color.

River Gold was inspired by Goldstream Park near Victoria.

Island Silhouette sunset image of the pacific northwest. It is a painting by Barry Tate

Island Silhouette
30" x 40" acrylic on canvas $ sold
(16x20 prints available)

Sunset painting near Sidney BC

Silhouette is a blue painting with a sailboat near Victoria BC

30" x 40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(16x20 prints available)

This painting has a wonderful blue tint that is tranquil and restful. A great piece for the office or den.


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