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Koi & Feng Shui Paintings

Most of the Koi paintings are based on the ancient teachings of Feng Shui. The number 8 is thought to be a very lucky number while the smooth circular movements of fish attracts good energy into your home or office. Often 8 colorful Koi can be found in the painting as well as leaves or groups of fish forming figure 8 patterns. Some believe the number 9 is lucky too and so an extra black Koi is often included in the piece. Having a black Koi is thought to be very lucky as they absorb any bad luck that's left!

For good Feng Shui, it is best to hang the koi giclee close to an entrance to a home or office as it will encourage good luck to be drawn in.

The ancient Chinese belief system of Feng Shui has been around for 3 000 years. Elements of shape, color, water, orientation and the placement of objects and flow of movement all help to attract (or repulse) such things as happiness, prosperity, health and much more. Even if one doesn’t believe in such things, my personal read is if something has lasted for 3 000 years, it isn’t a passing fad. There just might be something to it!

True Storey. I had done a series of “Good Luck Ponds” #2; #3 etc. up to #9 and decided to end there. One day at a Christmas show at the Butter Dome in Edmonton a client came into my booth and said he had bought a “Good Luck Pond” for his business 2 years earlier because they needed some better luck. He went on to say he doesn’t know if it was the painting or not but they got the biggest contract of their life the very morning they hung it up! Business was booming and they were in the process of opening up a new branch in Lethbridge and needed another “Good Luck Pond” for that office!

I created “Good Luck Pond 10” for them with specific elements for attracting wealth and prosperity.

Description & Pricing

Original acrylic paintings on gallery wrapped canvas $ as marked

giclee on 28x38 gallery wrapped canvas $439 (enhanced with acrylic)
giclee on 16x20 gallery wrapped canvas $195 (enhanced with acrylic)
limited edition giclee on paper, 16x20 double acid-free mat $99


Original acrylic on canvas paintings are made with the best artist grade, light fast pigments available and can be hung in brightly lit areas. The painting extends over to finish the edges so framing is optional. My 30 x 40" originals weigh a mere 2 1/2lb (less than a cup of coffee) so hanging is simple and easy using conventional picture hooks.

Please note that as some of the image is on the edge, the face dimensions are reduced accordingly. 30x40” = 28x38” and 18x22” = 16x20”

Original paintings always look more impressive in real life than on the internet. Your satisfaction is important to me. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, I will naturally refund 100% of your sale.

Acrylic giclée prints on canvas look very similar to original paintings and are the best type of reproductions available today. They have a waterproof acrylic finish and a special mirrored edge treatment that simulates the painted edge of the original works so are ready to hang as is.

Giclees on paper are supplied with a double acid free mat and foam backing board. All you need is a common 16x20" frame.

Mat options are:

silver gray with dark blue inner mat - nice traditional look.  A mid to dark colored frame looks best

dark blue on dark blue -  dramatic and bold look, very powerful. Best with a light colored metal or wood frame.

white on white - traditional gallery choice, classy and elegant.  Goes with all decors. Best with a mid to medium dark frame.

Buddha at Hollyhock on Cortes Island BC


Buddha At Hollyhock
30" x 40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(16x20 prints available)

Hollyhock is a wonderful retreat centre on the pituresque coast of Cortes Island, BC (near Campbell River). It hosts a number of personal development workshops throughout the year although many folks come just to enjoy the peace and tranquility.

An ancient Chinese gong anounces meal times where the patrions are treated to some of the best vegeterian quisine in the world. I liked this Buddah figure quietly resting near the entrance to the kitchen and decided to capture it's spirit in a painting.



New painting coming soon!


GoodLuckPond9Good Luck Pond 9
30" x 40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(prints available)

Good Luck Pond 9 is bright and colorful with good Feng Shui. Double 8's are formed with the lily pads and the 8 visible koi are loosely forming an 8 that extends off the painting. 8 shapes abound in the abstract patterns in the water and smooth rocks. A hidden black koi is there to absorb any bad luck.

Like a bouquet of flowers, all of my koi paintings work very well in any home or office decor.

GoodLuckPond10Good Luck Pond 10
30" x 40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(prints available)

Koi are an important element in the art of Feng Shui. As with most of my koi paintings, 8's play a prominent roll in the design and is known to attract good luck. There are eight koi fish circulating around a couple of lily pads which also form number 8's in their design. A 9th black koi hidden near the bottom right is also thought to be very lucky as they absorb any bad luck! This koi is also swimming out of the painting, taking the bad luck away!

The 3 gold elements formed by the 2 yellow / gold koi and the golden lily are feng shui elements which attract wealth and prosperity.

SpiritHouseandKoiSpirit House And Koi
16"x20" watercolor, $ sold
(prints available)

One of the principles of good feng shui is to avoid sharp jagged lines and points.This koi giclee print has great feng shui with its rounded lines of the spirit house and park bench, the arched bridge and in the rounded trees and plants.

The painting was one of my first series of koi paintings that used my interpretive style.

WaterGardenKoiWater Garden And Koi
16"x20" watercolor, $ sold
(prints available)

Koi were originally perfected in Japan and quickly found their way into amazing and beautiful water gardens. Smooth shapes and curves are a fundamental element to the gardens that quite naturally makes one feel relaxed and calm.

The original painting was a watercolor and is in a private collection.Giclee prints on paper or canvas are available in the 16x20 size.

Good Luck Pond 3, is a painting of koi fish with a lilly padGood Luck Pond 3
30"x40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(prints available)

EnchantedWatersEnchanted Waters
30'x40' acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(prints available)

One of my most popular koi paintings, Enchanted Waters has all the elements of lucky 8's in the koi and pond features with a hidden 9th black koi to absorb any bad luck. The painting is naturally framed with the mossy edges of the pond and looks stunning on a wall.
Sunlight streams in from above which makes this painting look like it is lit up!

Heron and Koi, is a painting of a great blue heron and bull rushs by Barry Tate
Heron And Koi
30"x40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(prints available)

Heron are magnificent birds with a sense of grace that seems royal. Well admired by everyone- unless of course you happen to own a koi pond!
Heron And Koi is an all too common scene when these 2 beautiful creatures come together. This quiet and highly skilled hunter is no match for the bright colored and very friendly koi. Sadly a heron can decimate a koi pond in an afternoon.
Fortunately for pond owners and the koi, there are lots of safe and effective ways to keep the birds out so almost everyone is happy!

Good Luck Pond 5 is a painting of koi fish by Barry Tate

Good Luck Pond 5
30'x40" acrylic on canvas, S sold
(prints available)

This koi painting has the feng shui elements of 8 and 9 with a strong and deep azule blue background. This contrasts very well with the gold, white and red koi making the painting seem three dimentional.

Good Luck Pond is a water color painting of Japanese koi fish by Barry TateGood Luck Pond
16"x20" watercolor, $ sold
(prints not available)

This watercolor is the "original" of the Good Luck Pond" series. It started the process of incorporating the principals of Feng Shui into my art and koi paintings.
Unfortunately this painting is not available as a reproduction.

Koi_And_Lilies is a koi fish painting by Barry TateKoi And Lilies
30"x40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(prints available)

This is a well balanced, easy flowing piece with soft gental curves. I choose a less intense color scheme for this painting to create a sense of peace and movement. Still with its broad range of colors from earth tone greens to electric reds and orange, it will work with anyones existing (and future) room decor.

Good Luck Pond 7, Feng Shui koi paintingGood Luck Pond 7
16"x20" watercolor, $ sold
(prints not available)

This acrylic is part of my Good Luck Pond" series which incorporate the principals of Feng Shui into my art and koi paintings.
Koi are circling around a strong figure 8 and Canadian Maple leaf.

Good Luck Pond 8 Feng Shui koi fish paintingGood Luck Pond 8
30"x40" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(prints available)

There are more gold hues in this painting than most of my other koi paintings. This is thought to attract wealth and abundance in Feng Shui.Still with it's broad range of colors from earth tone greens to electric reds and orange, it will work with anyones existing (and future) room decor.

Koi And Lilies feng shui painting with koi fish by Barry TateKoi And Lilies
16"x20" watercolor, $ sold
(prints available)

Koi And Lilies has a wonderful balance of earthy green tones which nicely compliment the red and oranges of the koi fish. Incorporating the principals of Feng Shui into my art for good luck, 8's play a significant roll in the design and incorporate a hidden 9th koi.

Niigata, japanese garden koi paintingNiigata
11"x15" watercolor, $ sold
(prints not available)

Koi started in Niigata Japan 150 years ago. Today koi can be found in water gardens in most parts of the world.


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