Chivas Commission web page

Chivas colorful abstract painting based on circles

60" x 60" acrylic on canvas, $ sold
(prints special order)

WOW FACTOR! That was the mandate from my clients on this large 5' x 5' abstract commission. Working with some photos from their new home, we were able to simulate various abstract paintings hanging on their wall before actually painting it! Because of the open feeling of the living room with large uncluttered spaces, we could see that a 30x40 mid-size  painting just wasn't going to do it.

Working with some sample paintings and a base line of circles, Chivas emerged. Why Chivas? Although it doesn't show up in this small internet image, wet and watery acrylics go crazy when some alcohol is spattered into it a just the right time- not too wet and not too dry. I was enjoying the wild swirls of delicious colors when an artistic impulse made me splatter a generous shot or two of Chivas Regal scotch right into it! And of course some into the artist!  It worked perfectly and automatically named the piece. A lot of fun!


Living room suggested "look" before painting actually started.


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