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This is going to be fun.

Yes this is a website about my art but after 67 years I have opinions. Lots of them! And I’ve learned to do some cool tricks and smart ways of doing things from all the great people who've shaped my life.

And I’ve always been a keen observer of Mother Nature and have observed and learned much from her too. One day like all of you who are reading this, I will die. No big deal, that’s what living things do and I feel blessed that I’ve enjoyed so much life already. Much more than almost all living creatures and I guess now the majority of humans!

Anyway I wanted to share some of these learnings and ideas and because this is my website it’s as good a place as any. Maybe I'll even learn to blog it one day.

Most of the thoughts have nothing to do with art but then some do. Some of these things will be funny little observations about life, about the world, people and just stuff. I wanted a place to plunk all this useful and not so useful stuff so here it goes. No particular order as yet but that’ll come.

Work in progress, coming soon.



Shows and jurying

More to come


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