Barry Tate Gallery

Barry Tate is an internationally recognized acrylic artist. The gallery showcases his diverse range of talent from his unique interpretive style paintings and prints to realistic west coast scenes, farm paintings, koi fish and feng shui art. His services include digital photo and art restoration, commission works, group and private workshops.

The site features original paintings and giclee prints arranged by styles. The interpretive and realistic gallery pages have swollen to 2 pages each! There are links for art information that explain confusing terms like giclee and remarque prints, light fast ratings etcetera.

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Picture Lake and Shuksan Mountain, painting by Barry Tate

Picture Lake
new painting!
(prints available)

see interpretive gallery


Charmer Point, Coal Island BC, west coast painting by Barry Tate

Charmer Point, Coal Island
new painting, August 2017!
(prints available)

see interpretive gallery


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